We’ve always taught our children to be kind and to share, not only among our families and friends, but also with our community and people less fortunate than ourselves. 


And because our soap was traditionally made in Aleppo, Syria, we began to look at ways to be kind to others while also honoring the ancient history of our soap.  We’ve all been saddened to see families torn apart by war, and to then see and hear the stories of refugee camps.  We realized that our soaps could perhaps help with the basic human need and desire for cleanliness.


This is how it became our mission to donate a bar of Ancient Olive Soap to refugee camps for each bar we sell. We want to provide all of our customers, who are busy raising their own families, the added benefit of spreading kindness—one AO bar of soap at a time.


Our AO Kindness mission has given us a sense of pride in being able to provide basic needs to others in a simple, pure way.  And that is AOK by us!